Into the woods: weaving

This weave starts looking like an oak wood, with is-that-a-path? in a brown ground.
Theres a zip hidden in the tree-trunk one third from the left.

Epping Forest trial – check out other images on

The zip opens – to the left theres a badger, to the right the path is more obvious and leads to a pond, with a large-than-real-life kingfisher. The kingfisher has a woven base, with feathers fixed over.
Maybe the big creatures will be woven separately and sewn on?

Image from Smithsonian. Another great image with bluebells
Birdspot image – great image on bolt from blue

On the lower ?third of the lower level the wood wide web is obvious. See: The trunks show the communication between the trees as in wide web

As well as the badger and kingfisher, there’s a barbastelle bat, a purple emperor butterfly, and a salamander, With oak-friendly moths. The smaller creatures maybe appliqued?

The whole thing, folded out, becomes a triptych – so the top ‘layer’ needs to be two-sided. Its only attached on the left and right borders. Maybe metal weft would help here?

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