Evaluation: Deathbed Skiing

At the end of the event, 20 people filled in the evaluation form . Some details of the results are below, with some comments.

In summary:
53% rated the event as excellent – the rest thought it was good.
Most of the audience was new to the venue, the artist and WAF.
Death is a feminist issue so it wasn’t surprising that women made up the majority of the audience.
There was a wide range of ages, and ethnic diversity in the audience.
Could do better: on marketing, and the number of audience members who were disabled.

How did the audience find out about the event?
70% Word of mouth
20% Event publicity
While word of mouth is obviously good, I think a more concerted marketing plan could also have helped.

Was this the audience’s first time?
70% Discovering this artist/organisation
75% Attending this venue
50% Attending WAF
25% Attending an art event this year
I’m pleased with these results. We had a new audience for Tara, for me, for WAF, even for art events.

How would the audience rate their experience?
53% Excellent
47% Good
Of course, I’m pleased with these results!

What gender were the audience members?
75% Female
25% Male
Death has frequently been described as a feminist issue, so these results aren’t surprising. I’m pleased that as many as 25% of the audience were male!

How old were the audience members?
5% 20-24
15% 25-34
35% 35-44
15% 45-54
There was a wide range of ages in the audience. As for gender, I wonder how this compares with WAF overall?

Did the audience members consider themselves disabled? 
89% No
11% Yes
I’m a bit disappointed at this data. I have multi-morbidity myself, and at least two other members of the production are disabled. So we understand that disabled access is really important. 19% of the English working age population is disabled, and that figure rises for over people. I rejected several other venues as not disabled accessible, and was disappointed not to have BSL signing available. 
Watch this space for my submission to WAF 2020!

What is the ethnic background of the audience?
40% White British
35% Asian/Asian British
10% White other
5% each for Black British / mixed / prefer not to say
There is some diversity here – though ethnic diversity could always be improved on

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