Can voting / activism make a difference? How?

Im personally keen on activism. But does it make a real difference to air pollution / the climate crisis? The journal Scientific American (Sci. Am.) has reviewed this (i summarised their work here). They say: governments and companies “need to do the lion’s share of the work”, but ordinary people also need to make changes …

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Glasgow photography competition: movement

Showing brutalist Brunswick Centre with sun rising on the left - reflecting off the window glass - and the moon going down on the right

Ive been trying to submit to this competitition They seem to be looking for photographs showing rapid small-scale movement? I want to show much more fundamental movement: that of the Earth rotating round the Sun, and the Moon rotating round the Earth and Sun.Of course it appears as though we on the Earth are stationary – and …

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Marchmont community centre: discussing air pollution

poster in street says: you wouldnt drink it - so why breath it

I talked to community members about air pollution – theory and some practical ideas about mitigation. First, lets remember the Clean Air Wins campaign up above: I started with some questions: Almost everyone didnt believe they had a pollution problem – not in their area, no, no, no!I talked about Ella Kissi-Debrah and her mum …

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