What the party manifestos should cover on health and social care but probably won’t

David Oliver wrote an article on this in the BMJ(1). But he didnt mention clean air.

I sent a rapid response saying …
Surely we also need a Clean Air Election.
Everyone took notice when 230,000 people died from Covid in the UK in the last four years. There was lots of money. Lots of ideas. Incidentally, also lots of behaviour change.
There’s nowhere near so much input around the 50,000 people who die every year in the UK from pollution(2). Not in such dramatic and hospital-overwhelming peaks as in the pandemic.
But that’s still 200,000 deaths from pollution in the last four years.(3)With many many more through all the previous decades. And even more to come.  Unless we do something. 
Of course air pollution is about more than deaths or asthma in kids.
Its affects morbidity throughout the lifespan.(4) There are significant impacts on primary care and hospital admissions.(5,6)

That’s the why.
So what to do? Here’s some evidence-based ideas:
1. Make English clean air targets much more ambitious(7), much more quickly(8).
2. Focus on inequalities. More deprived areas, communities and individuals produce less pollution – but have to breathe the dirtiest air. Lets make advances by starting with the most polluted.(9)
3. Put health warning labels on / stop advertising woodburners / solid fuels. Lighting fires in our homes is the largest source of small particle air pollution in the UK – and produces more harmful PM2.5 than road transport in the UK.(10)
4. ULEZ was / is a great idea but London still has filthy air. We need more transport initiatives, across the UK. Manchester, for example, has free buses in its centre.(11) Asthma+Lung UK have specific – and money-saving – recommendations for accessible and inclusive clean air zones.(12)
5. Make SUV drivers pay. If SUVs were a country, they would be the world’s fifth-largest emitter of CO2. SUVs account for more than a quarter of – and are increasing – the overall annual growth in oil demand.(13)

Clean air is an enormous problem – and needs enormous solutions, including(14) :
6. Stop spending billions of our money subsidising big oil.(15)
7. Stop counting forest biomass as ‘renewable’ energy. Stop subsidising it.(16) Its bad for the environment; bad for biodiversity(17); and bad for communities(18).
8. Link with wider climate / net zero thinking(19)

Of course, clean air is not just for elections.
Or for politicians.
Clinicians could, for example, use pollution spikes(20,21,22) – rather than traditional QOF systems as prompts to review, advise and support the most vulnerable people. 

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