LCAW / Bloomsbury festival: how bad is the air pollution?

exterior entrance to foundling court, in Brunswick Centre, with Breathe London sensor shown outlined in pink
Brunswick TRA successfully bid to get a BREATHE LONDON sensor:we've got lots of green trees and small parks nearby and wanted to know if that was enough to protect us from air pollution. Here's our sensor results from March 2022 til August 2023: These graphs show we're missing the UK objectives, WHO daily and annual ...

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Indoor air pollution

drawing of room-types with internal pollution sources

Indoor air pollution is “typically around six times worse than outdoor air pollution, even in major cities“.Most people spend most of their time indoors. And those at most risk from air pollution – children, and people with pre-existing conditions – spend even more time indoors. But there’s much less advice about indoor air pollution. Partly …

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Bloomsbury Silks

‘Silks of Bloomsbury’ have been created by residents of Bloomsbury, Holborn and King’s Cross through free workshops as part of the 2023 Bloomsbury Festival. In my workshop we all brought our individual specific ideas and photos to illustrate our local heritage.I brought along images of the gorgeous 200 year old Bloomsbury plane – outside my front …

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