I’m in a cage

Dexter Bentley asked me to contribute a 2021 One Minute Wonder.
I submitted “I’m in a Cage

All the 120 sound pieces are here. With my piece near 1:25:00

Here are my words below.
Though I’m now only too aware that what originally felt like the outrageously enormous number of 100,000 daily Covid cases – was too small. I should have said TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND

I’m in a Cage
First time First wave that Cage looked best of a bad job to me
and They
They could say they didn’t know
Didn’t know it wasn’t flu
Didn’t know we’re not a herd
Didn’t know all their care home discharges would kill THIRTY THOUSAND of your gran your grandad 

Third time Third wave they Definitely know 
Definitely know that putting their mate Dido in charge of 37 BILLION of your pounds bought NOTHING.
Nothing World Beating.
No test No trace. 
Definitely know there’s MONEY not jail in PAYING CRONIES for PPE that isn’t Protective. Isn’t even Usable
And Definitely know to expect ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Exit cases every day. 
So, ICU overflow.

Don’t You worry though! 
It’s Freedom day!

And me? I am back in my Cage
Condemned to Lonely Hope
We have Nothing Else

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