My balcony

I love my balcony!
Its great being out there with plant- and insect-life.
Here’s what full sun looks like:

Now im increasingly disabled, i struggle to walk out into my little heaven.
To do the proper watering , primping and cooing.
With recent hospital admissions, and the changeable winter spring, ive very sadly lost some plants
Im working out how to improve access

Here’s a measured plan:

and this below gives an idea of the effect of the doors
and what the bench looks like without its rain-and-wind-coat


– ive got a 4th floor balcony in central london
measuring 230cm by 132cm by 87 height plus 23 railings
– its very windy, with shopping centre / restaurants below if anything fell
so ive not raised the pots up
– im trying for bees and other insects / so flowering through much of the year: with winter jasmine, bulbs, general plants, and pineapple sage flowers november-jan. 
– the long side has two 80cm full height glass doors. Short side: ive got a ‘shed’ at the far end for some larger plants and to hide eg soil bags. and another glass door other end
– its oriented almost north-south, therefore west facing which means it gets more afternoon heat.
– summer its very hot indeed (too hot to go out in the middle of the day) – ive got a fruiting lemon tree – espaliered
the heat means in summer everything likes twice daily watering

– im increasingly disabled – struggling now to walk around on my balcony and do the watering / primping my plants which i love to do. planning to get an outside tap to help.
>i have to climb over a step to get onto the balcony – ive got grab rails
>i’ve got one bench – am planning another built in further up on the odd-profile side 
>dyou have any ideas? if there’s time?

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