One night with the moon

3 meter montage of photos showing dusk, moonrise, the moon soaring high in the black night above my balcony, then slowly descending across the block opposite, then through blue dawn, to the gorgeous sunrise

This is a 3 metre montage of sequential photos taken from my flat during the course of one night, following the moon from dusk to sunrise. As the moon does, the photos sail high up during the night, starting above my front door, floating over my block, then slowly descending over the block opposite. It …

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Some Iranian women are actively choosing hijab

Although a lot of women (and men) despise the hijab in Iran, many like it, and are actively choosing hijab. Some of this is generational — the oldest women may be able to remember the forced unveiling of women by Reza Shah and how shocking that was: some women remained in their homes for months. Others …

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