Glasgow photography competition: movement

Showing brutalist Brunswick Centre with sun rising on the left - reflecting off the window glass - and the moon going down on the right

Ive been trying to submit to this competitition They seem to be looking for photographs showing rapid small-scale movement? I want to show much more fundamental movement: that of the Earth rotating round the Sun, and the Moon rotating round the Earth and Sun.Of course it appears as though we on the Earth are stationary – and …

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Measurements of time for the people Q2/179

The Lunar Calendar determines – and remembers – so much for Muslims. All the key historic events during the earliest years of Islam. The Hajj. And, of course, Ramadan.I installed these images the day before Ramadan 2022 started. So check this out for an appropriate starter image: Whoever sights (the new moon) Let him fast …

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One night with the moon

3 meter montage of photos showing dusk, moonrise, the moon soaring high in the black night above my balcony, then slowly descending across the block opposite, then through blue dawn, to the gorgeous sunrise

This is a 3 metre montage of sequential photos taken from my flat during the course of one night, following the moon from dusk to sunrise. As the moon does, the photos sail high up during the night, starting above my front door, floating over my block, then slowly descending over the block opposite. It …

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Second Look

Images of the Moon: Inspired by the Holy Quran This exhibition shows photos of the moon taken – in all directions – out of my small flat / from my balcony. Some have digital drawing and collage overlaid – showing different versions of moon(s). All of the images are paired with a quote from the …

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Ancient materials: above and below

two pairs of 'stereographic' collage moons, with red surround, and gold engravings - looking like Warren de la Rue lunar stereographs

I went on the Ancient Materials virtual residency with Mayes CreativeOf course, I was already producing multiple collages of the moon: since every night without too much cloud, I see multiple overlaid moon-lets. While you probably see only a single outline. So I really enjoyed learning from the Royal Astronomical Society Librarian when she talked …

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My Moonlets

This is a night time view form inside my front room. You can get an idea of the extent of my windows. And see the flats opposite me. THeres an orange moon with crescent moonlets high up in the far left of the windows.

I’ve been producing collages of the moon: every night without too much cloud, I see multiple overlaid moon-lets. While you – you poor thing! – probably see only a single outline.Up above is a night-time view of the crescent moon – show as the multi-moonlets that I seeReally I dont see such bright colours – …

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