VOSAP: More than my immobility

Spoof of Velazquez' Toilet of Venus - me sticking out my tongue in the mirror showing 'Venus'

On occasion, I’ve been unable to stand up for long enough to brush my teeth. But I’m much more than my immobility.My spoof of Velazquez’ Toilet of Venus (1647-51) shows an immobile woman with a beautiful body. The artist and the audience are not focusing on her arms or legs.She’s got my cheeky face – …

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Life drawing at the Wallace

Let me tell you straight away that I don’t know ANYTHING about life drawing! But of course thats not stopping me trying! After all, the first time ANYONE tries to walk, they fall over and don’t look exactly expert. Slowly, slowly most of us improve at walking.And I’m hoping that if I get the chance …

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