I’m in the British Museum!

my freeswimming freeweaving weave on an easel

The gorgeous Joy in Weaving wanted my Freeswimming Freeweaving weave to be included in an exhibition she was organising in … the British Museum. So my work has been in the British Museum!! Temporarily anyway. As my friends said: kind of unusual to have something Made in Britain, and not looted from somewhere!

Freeswimming freeweaving

Here's my weave - with four swimmers in a slant blue river, with a chocolae brown mountain - its truly raised - with gold hints, top left, representing the Angolan highlands . Below the 'river' is gorgeous green and, ven lower, onion bag orange.

I’m free-swimming in the Kunene River.  Hundreds of kilometres of onion-bag Namibian desert shrink to nothing when, out of nowhere, there’s a sudden smear of luscious green velvet plant-life, edging the languid aquamarine silk of the River. A huge bubbling plaited-corduroy waterfall is underpinned by turquoise plastic scaffolding-protectors. On the far side of the river, the …

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Weaving at MAKE

I'm in the centre, holding my new large frame - made by the person on my left - mentored by JoyinWeaving on my right. I cant see that Im holding my sketch UPSIDE DOWN ! We're in the gorgeous StoryGarden

Once upon a time I came to MAKE to do weaving .I already knew quite a lot in theory about some sorts of Iranian weaving. But I had never actually done any practical weaving until I met Joy In Weaving.This is her Professional name and is precisely the right phrase to describe this amazing woman!  I …

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