Iran-related publications, teaching, conferences, and lectures

My Iran-related publications, teaching, conferences and lectures include:

Tutor for ISEA Programme at Leighton House: Collecting and Display of Islamic Art. Lecturing on the 1910 Munich exhibition; the 1931 Burlington House exhibition; and Poland as a portal for ‘oriental’ trading in the seventeenth century. Oct-Dec 2014.

Air pollution in Iran, British Medical Journal 2014; 348: g1586

An Armenian Merchant and the Vasa Tapestries. Presentation at Warwick University conference: Global Commodities: The Material Culture of Early Modern Connections, 1400-1800. 12-14 December 2012

Imagined geographies of Isfahan. Presentation at 11th International Conference on Urban History, European Association for Urban History, held in Prague, Czech Republic on 29 August to 1 September 2012

Polish Relations: the Vasa Silk Kilims, Hali 172 Summer 2012. About a carpet-buying trip to Iran from Poland in 1601

Shah Abbas and the Pilgrimage to Mashhad, Iran 2011 XLIX 123-47

Three British Ladies in Bakhtiariland, Asian Affairs 2011 XLII No.1 28-48

Travelling in Safavid Persia: Following in the footsteps of Don Garcia de Silva y Figueroa. Book chapter in: Estudos sobre Don Garcia de Silva y Figueroa e os “Comentarios” da embaixada a Persia (1614-1624). Vol 4. CHAM. Lisboa 2011

How to build a mosque: a lecture on the construction of the Sulemaniye mosque in Istanbul. Rumi Centre, London. 3 Dec 2009

Lecturer and Course designer: Birkbeck University / British Museum. Jan-April 2009. Shah Abbas the Great: the splendour of power.

Shah Abbas the Great: tracing the 1000km walk from Isfahan to Mashhad, Journal of the Iran Society 2009. 2 No.8 7-23.
Report on 2008 Iran Society Travel Award.

The 1601 walk of Shah Abbas from Isfahan to Mashhad. E-publication following a CIERA séminaire international. Caravansérails et routes caravanières: Etat des savoirs et inventaires. 25 et 26 juin 2009. Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris Val-de-Seine.

British museum gallery talk: Islamic tiles in context: from Iranian buildings to the British Museum. 16 May 2009

Multiple lectures on my re-finding of the route of the 1000km walk of Shah Abbas from Isfahan to Mashhad, including: Séminaire international on Caravansérails et routes caravanières: Etat des savoirs et inventaires. 25-26 June 2009. Paris; Report on 2008 Iran Society Travel Award. 21 April 2009; A British Museum lecture. 7 May 2009; A Studies in Art Lecture. 3 March 2009.

Ways to See Beauty. Platform Lecture on Islamic architecture and geometry. Winchester School of Art. 11 Dec 2008.

Oriental light. Star letter: British Archaeology 2007 Nov-Dec

The Greatness that was Parthia. Lecture Review, Vladimir G Lukonin Memorial Lecture, British Museum, London, 10 July 2007

Degrees and courses:

MA, Islamic Art & Architecture:
School of Oriental and African Studies, U. of London, 2006 – 2009
Grade: Distinction
My dissertation was a case study approach to methodological approaches to Safavid ceramics. I also worked in detail on transmission of design in Ottoman architecture; the provincial architecture of Bayezid II; Islamic art exhibitions (1850-1931); as well as studying the anthropology of urban space, place and architecture; and the art & archaeology of the Silk Road.

Arts of Asia Certificate
Victoria & Albert Museum, 2007 – 2008
My dissertation was on Public perceptions of Islamic Art exhibitions. I also worked in detail on a cuerda seca tile from Khargerd madrese; the Fremlin carpet; and a figure of Guan Di in white porcelain

Archaeology: basic methods: theory and practice
Summer school affiliated to SOAS, 2007
I am now ‘certified’ to work on digs.


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