3. Heartbeat: digital collage

Heartbeat: This image shows what happened when my dad took his last breath

This digital collage is about what happened to my dad’s heartbeat when he took his last breath. I’m showing the sound and light and movement during the multimedia performance in the Showroom gallery. The image shows a colleague clapping my dad’s heartbeat (on the left) and me talking (on the right). On either edge are (white on …

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Iran-related publications, teaching, conferences, and lectures

My Iran-related publications, teaching, conferences and lectures include: Tutor for ISEA Programme at Leighton House: Collecting and Display of Islamic Art. Lecturing on the 1910 Munich exhibition; the 1931 Burlington House exhibition; and Poland as a portal for ‘oriental’ trading in the seventeenth century. Oct-Dec 2014. Air pollution in Iran, British Medical Journal 2014; 348: …

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