Seeing stars

I’ve been lucky enough to be in places where the Milky Way feels so close that you might as well be swimming in it – and I have had a WowWowWow relationship with Dark Night Skies!
So I was very excited when I saw the Expedition Society/Lumen call

In the middle of the pandemic, during the first lockdown, I spoke to people in the middle of Australia. It was nearly as exciting as actually Seeing Stars!

In only 25 minutes – here – I contrast and show the several ways I’ve seen the stars.

If you’ve got even less time, here below is a superfast summary:

I used to be able to actually see stars. In the Siberian Mountains, I have looked up and seen nine or more of the Seven Sisters – when only five are generally visible in the UK. Ive shown the Seven sisters in the image above.

Then, when I was in Baja California, I woke up in the middle of several nights. Until i was able to see the comet racing ever-nearer. It was like the comet was knocking on my head! To insist I looked up and saw!

Here’s a medieval comet – on a modern sky. Looking VERY like the three-tailed comet i actually saw!

In Iran, where they are understandably very proud of their gorgeous starry skies, there is a massive historical artistic and technological culture of stars.

Heres a very beautiful historic painted ceiling in Iran.
Looks artistic, but its impossible to paint without without some serious science!

Maybe you’ve got other ways of looking at and seeing stars?
Please let me know?!

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