My special digital art is up in Jakarta

see text for description of this 1 by 1.5m multimedia art

Recently, I’ve been feeling ridiculously disabled. So when I got an invitation from the lovely Andrew Bolton to submit some disability art to a festival in Jakarta, I thought I’d make some ridiculous disability art. And here it is up at the very top. It’s 1 m x 1.5 metres: a mix of my digital …

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Submitting to Ancient Materials residency

blue orange yellow and brown multi-moons outside my home. I only see one at a time - and they are not usuallty so brightly coloured - this is a draft for an an exhibition

My cv is at: My Seeing Stars illustrated webinar is from 23.40 here below: Some of my material culture work from Iran is at: I showed a few of my multi-moon drafts up above. I only see one at a time – looking out of my windows, which you can see up above. …

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Seeing stars

Five yellow and two purple running women. On a starry background

I’ve been lucky enough to be in places where the Milky Way feels so close that you might as well be swimming in it – and I have had a WowWowWow relationship with Dark Night Skies!So I was very excited when I saw the Expedition Society/Lumen call.  In the middle of the pandemic, during the first lockdown, …

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