My special digital art is up in Jakarta

see text for description of this 1 by 1.5m multimedia art

Recently, I’ve been feeling ridiculously disabled. So when I got an invitation from the lovely Andrew Bolton to submit some disability art to a festival in Jakarta, I thought I’d make some ridiculous disability art. And here it is up at the very top. It’s 1 m x 1.5 metres: a mix of my digital …

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The sound of fear

Roberto Rusconi from Intrasonus asked me to write a about the sound of fear. Here’s my submission:  It’s just after New Year.Yorkshire is blanketed in snowSmothered in silence.Outside, there’s the squeak creak squeak creak of walking on fresh snow. As we get out onto the moors, the silence somehow gets louder, wider, huge-er. In between …

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