My special digital art is up in Jakarta

Recently, I’ve been feeling ridiculously disabled. So when I got an invitation from the lovely Andrew Bolton to submit some disability art to a festival in Jakarta, I thought I’d make some ridiculous disability art.

And here it is up at the very top.
It’s 1 m x 1.5 metres: a mix of my digital art and drawing, my photography, and images of x-rays of my chest and elbow
I’m especially proud of how – bearing in mind my Ridiculous levels of Disability – I managed to make something completely new really quickly by including some repurposed earlier ideas and images.

There are two columns. The left picks out some of my multimorbidities; the right underlines the vibrance of my artistic response.

The three rows focus on, sequentially:
My Special Eyes – look how I see 
My Special Breathing – trees and me breathe the same air.
Here I’m showing the tree-in-bud pneumonia that I had. Excitingly, that is the real technical term for what I had. But when I told the consultant that I had just been making some art about urban trees, he told me that my own tree-in-bud pneumonia wasn’t a particularly beautiful version. The cheek of it!  So I thought I’d make my own ultra-cute tree-in-bud, nestling in / sprouting out of my chest
My Special Movement : Have I moved your heart?
On the left you can see my elbow x-ray with the metal put in to glue the comminuted fracture in my elbow together. I’m feeling really squeezed by this – in real life as well as in this image. Squashed inside Inflexible metal, the bad effects expand a lot further than my elbow. I’m struggling to use the two sticks that I have previously sped about on. My poor left hand is now super painful – it’s being overused because my right arm is so not right.
My head though is still in full working order – I’m still dreaming of running through the stars. 

Internal view of the 2021 Rima Rupa Biennale. My piece is to the right of the centre of this image

If youre not in Jakarta yourself you can see the other entries here – my piece is at 1.48

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