(Un)forgotten flora

small flowering lemon tree

Francis Annagu — project creator, documentary photographer and creative writer (based in Nigeria) invited participants to take part in creating a new work for online exhibition (on Co-iki’s website) under the “Creativity from HOME” experimental residency curated by Co-iki. I’m included with my thoughts on lemons and oaks:https://carolinemawer.com/lemons-oaks-and-the-wood-wide-web/https://carolinemawer.com/lemon-trees-citrus-limon-and-limu-shirin/https://carolinemawer.com/quercus-brantii-the-west-asian-oak/I wrote of how Living in a big …

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The Persian Oak: Quercus brantii

Heres my 5 minute video on Quercus brantii – the West Asian oak, the Persian oak, the Zagros oak: I’ve done something more creative with the English oak: Quercus rubor – starting from an acorn germinating with my tears when my father took his last breath. The acorn developed to be grafted onto mosaic trees …

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