The Persian Oak: Quercus brantii

Heres my 5 minute video on Quercus brantii – the West Asian oak, the Persian oak, the Zagros oak:

I’ve done something more creative with the English oak: Quercus rubor – starting from an acorn germinating with my tears when my father took his last breath. The acorn developed to be grafted onto mosaic trees in Great Mosque of Damascus, including those below.

Image from: in

So heres a video of my performance – from my dad’s last breath, when his (metaphorical acorn) heart stopped beating, up to my challenge – standing in the luscious Fruiting Forest of Dreams that grew from from acorn – that they too could help their loved ones have a good death.

Part of my Deathbed Skiing at Tara Arts:

Wouldnt it be great to create a Quercus brantii forest as Luscious and full of Dreams this one is?

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