Third Wave

I won a special award for COVID-19 Critique from Bertha Dochouse. And was Runner up for the 3rd edition of their Creative Response to Self-Isolation competition: New Reveries: The Power of Archive Now. This was about delving into the archive.

Third Wave includes some archive from the 1918 pandemic – and also shows some of the ‘archive’ I have created – describing my own shielding experience.

Heres what Bertha Dochouse said about my entry:

11. Third Wave by Caroline Mawer

“With her first ever film (impressive, we know), trained epidemiologist Caroline Mawer bagged herself a runner up prize in our third filmmaking competition.

This short was a talented mixed bag of emotions, moving from the gently mocking to a genuine grief for what our futures would be like. It drew from television snippets of archive to emotive and carefully explained screenshots of what medical professionals were telling us.

Her in-depth expertise into the realities of pandemics no doubt gave Mawer the insight that maybe it isn’t even the second wave of the virus we need to fear the most, but the third wave: a desolate tsunami of prolonged austerity and economic recession that could prove just as lethal as the virus itself.”

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  1. Dear Caroline, I do hope we can hold (freshly-washed, scrubbed) hands together one day soon and step into a better tomorrow! This is such a moving piece. I hope you have plenty of greens in your fridge these days, and always will!


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