The THIRD WAVE: references

This 6 minute film explores inequalities in the Covid-19 pandemic – including my own shielding, BAME inequalities, and the slaughter in care homes.

I’ve included some archive from the 1918 pandemic, created some specific new art, and included a few elements from the archive I have created of my own shielding. There’s more of the latter #isolationcreation on my instagram: @caromawer

For this documentary, I would like to express my special thanks to:
– Batool Yousefi
– Bellacouche: for creating a special photo of their gorgeous Leafcocoon soft wool coffin
– The Clayton Wood Team: for sharing images of their lovely burial grounds
– The Hutt Family
– Katie Edwards
– Roberto Rusconi : for confecting the sound of the door clanging shut
– Shyaam Caine: for letting me use parts of his art work in my Third Wave image

I’ve used images from legal snippets of a range of sources, includng:

Audio: from GOSH play team:

Video: from BBC breakfast: 20 April 2020

BBC images of @_gracelatter

Images from video: John Snow – The Father of Epidemiology 

Images from video: Media briefing with Dr Bruce Aylward, lead of the COVID-19 international experts mission in China. Live from Geneva.
25 Feb 2020

Images from video, with added digital art: Airport security:
Birmingham airport. Jan 13, 2017 Plus image of virus derived from:

Image, with permission, derived from gif in:

Images from video.’I shook hands with everybody,’ says Boris Guardian News 27 Mar 2020 

Tate Modern Performance: BMW Tate Live Exhibition : Sitting on a Mns Head:

Daniele macchini’s words are on facebook as shown on Silvia Stringhini twitter: @silviast9 

Images of Italian ICU derived from:

Jason van Schoor Twitter: @jasonvanschoor

Video derived / edited from: Coronavirus UK: Shocking footage shows shoppers hoarding in Brent Cross. 18 Mar 2020:

Image from video: Cheltenham festival:

Videos of 1918 pandemic parades edited together here:
Mütter Museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Did a parade kill 20,000 people?

Reopening during coronavirus: Lessons from the second wave of the 1918 flu pandemicWashington post May 24, 2020

My image on Inequalities: drew on:

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