Magnificent Multimorbidity

Magnificent Multimorbidity shows two female figures on a mustard yellow ground.
These naked figures show my multiple morbidities. 

Their nakedness illustrates how vulnerable I can be with my multimorbidity. And also shows that I am more than a set of diagnoses: I am a human being and a woman.

Both of the figures are a collage of photographs.
The woman on the left is facing to the right. She has a bony skull for a head, the top of which is cut off to reveal the workings of the brain.
This creature has a cannon for a left leg. On her right hip there is an obvious, large surgical scar.

The woman on the right is facing forward. Her head is an old TV set, which shows her large abnormal eyes and scarlet rosebud mouth.
Her left leg is also a cannon. Her right leg and left trunk show dermatomes: the areas of skin supplied by a single nerve.

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