Safe as houses 3: Looking out at the world.

white woman in shorts sitting on the floor clasping her knees looking down a paper perspective tunnel at a paper tree loaded with luscious bulging lemons.

It was very difficult not being allowed outside at all. I constructed a paper lemon tree to show some of the natural world – even if it was far far away at the end of a perspective tunnel . I went hungry when I couldn’t get any food and in this picture you can also …

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Magnificent Multimorbidity

Magnificent Multimorbidity shows two female figures on a mustard yellow ground.These naked figures show my multiple morbidities.  Their nakedness illustrates how vulnerable I can be with my multimorbidity. And also shows that I am more than a set of diagnoses: I am a human being and a woman. Both of the figures are a collage …

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The Blind Cloning the Blind

This is my spoof of The Blind leading the Blind by Breughel (1584). It’s a visual joke I submitted to Insight: an exhibition showing the work of visually impaired artists, organised by some MA Curation students at Leeds Art University.  Breughel’s painting ostensibly responds to the Matthew 5:14 parable. It has been described as showing …

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