Safe as houses 1: Sitting in my installation

I was shielded during the lockdown and made an installation in the only place I could go – my front room – with the only material I had – recycled packaging. It’s too large to show all of it in one photograph. Please take note of the coffin – after an old friend pf mine died and his funeral was live-streamed, my grief kept me ‘tripping over’ his coffin.

There’s more details of other elements below:

> On the Dead Bodies pouring out the back of my TV

> I was separated from the natural world as well as people: there’s a paper lemon tree at the end of a perspective tunnel

> I was shielding to keep me safe – but how safe was I? There’s a life size naked women lying on my sofa, and a Guantamo-garbed prisoner woman sitting in my armchair

> I couldnt exercise anywhere near so much during shielding – but could still dream of being outside, running

My feelings about inequalities and covid19 are summarised in my 6 minute film Third Wave

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