A sensor-ey walk

Brunswick TRA successfully bid for a fixed Breathe London air quality sensor/monitor in 2022 – its been operational since March 2023. So we couldn’t take part in last year’s Breathe festival, but now we want to Grow our network as part of improving local air quality.  We want our sensor to be much more than …

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Nowhere: Group 4 some sampling: draft draft

Location Crossing the line: in more than one way Prime meridian – and longitude clocks More than one nowhere? Ships : slave ships and the West Africa Squadron a. LOCATION b. Whats it like at 00 00? b. CROSSING THE LINE Crossing the equator is marked by sailors with ceremonies to Neptune as detailed here: …

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This self-portrait is a patients-eye view of Multimorbidity.It’s a montage of my photos of me plus (some of) my x-rays.  With ageing populations worldwide, and the epidemiological transition towards long term conditions, multimorbidity is a huge and increasing problem. Long Covid is adding to this. Although multiple diagnoses have multiplicative rather than simply additive effects, …

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Measurements of time for the people Q2/179

The Lunar Calendar determines – and remembers – so much for Muslims. All the key historic events during the earliest years of Islam. The Hajj. And, of course, Ramadan.I installed these images the day before Ramadan 2022 started. So check this out for an appropriate starter image: Whoever sights (the new moon) Let him fast …

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One night with the moon

3 meter montage of photos showing dusk, moonrise, the moon soaring high in the black night above my balcony, then slowly descending across the block opposite, then through blue dawn, to the gorgeous sunrise

This is a 3 metre montage of sequential photos taken from my flat during the course of one night, following the moon from dusk to sunrise. As the moon does, the photos sail high up during the night, starting above my front door, floating over my block, then slowly descending over the block opposite. It …

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I’m in the British Museum!

my freeswimming freeweaving weave on an easel

The gorgeous Joy in Weaving wanted my Freeswimming Freeweaving weave to be included in an exhibition she was organising in … the British Museum. So my work has been in the British Museum!! Temporarily anyway. As my friends said: kind of unusual to have something Made in Britain, and not looted from somewhere!

Second Look

Images of the Moon: Inspired by the Holy Quran This exhibition shows photos of the moon taken – in all directions – out of my small flat / from my balcony. Some have digital drawing and collage overlaid – showing different versions of moon(s). All of the images are paired with a quote from the …

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