Do you want to know the levels of outdoor air pollution in your area?

There are lots of free and freely available air pollution monitoring systems that could tell you.
Before you choose which system is best for you, please remember that there is no safe level of air pollution.
The English guideline levels are set at much dirtier – which means riskier – levels than those from the World Health Organisation. Please bear this in mind when looking at your local levels.
Look – above – how much worse we in the Brunswick are compared to WHO guideline levels.

And dont forget indoor air pollution.
Do you really spend most of your time outdoors?

Now on to the sensors. Please read this summary, before choosing which you want to focus on:

1. Sign up with , and you will receive warnings when local levels of air pollution are raised. With action recommendations.
I suggest you do this as a minimum, then choose what else you might want to explore.

2. Put your postcode into, and you will receive an overall rating for Local air pollution. And if you click lower down, you can get estimates for some personalised Health risks in your local area.

3. also gives information about other sorts of pollution, including summer heat, night light, noise, and deprivation. Scroll down to submit your postcode.
Right-to-know averages out results from the top 10% worst results – which “creates a more accurate health risk narrative, particularly for vulnerable populations”.

4. If you live in Camden, you can see real-time super-localised information – generated using artificial intelligence at
This includes your current situation; a view of the last seven days; and a longer term view.
You can also work out the least polluted way to walk between two places in Camden. This will change depending on current local pollution levels – check it out every time.
Here’s some hints about working with Airscape data: and

5. is more for government and businesses. They have some great detailed blogs.

6. If you’re super interested in the detail, then check this out.
And consider linking up with Breathe London. Its a Breathe London sensor gave the readings up above.

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